For a more detailed disassembly of your JUUL device, please read the article below.
How To Disassemble Your JUUL Vaporizer and Install A New Shell - Step by Step Guide (With Pictures!)

You’re probably reading this guide because your Custom Juul Vaporizer Shell just arrived and you can’t wait to get it installed. Or maybe you're just curious how the inside of the JUUL looks like, and you want to be sure you disassemble your device the right way. Both of the reasons mentioned above are good reasons to learn more about your device or simply make your JUUL Device stand out from the crowd. Our guide will help you replace your old shell with a custom JUUL Vaporizer Shell in no time - This process is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

It is critical that you follow our guide to prevent potential risks associated with this procedure.


So let's start digging and disassemble your JUUL Device.

How To Take The Battery Out Of a JUUL Vaporizer
Materials Required:

An object sturdy and narrow enough to fit in the JUUL Device pod opening.

EngraVape Tool (Comes with custom JUUL Vaporizer shells purchased through our store).

1) Press the JUUL Devices' LED out of the metal casing.

There is a tiny plastic circle covering the LED activation light which is the main connection point that keeps the JUUL Device together. Before we proceed with the removal of the battery, we need to push that piece of plastic into the device with a tiny object that is smaller than the LED so it no longer sits flush with the outer metal body.


To Do #1: Using a narrowly enough object (narrow tweezers) that is smaller than the LED light, push in and downwards towards the charging port. Make sure you push it down just enough so it’s clear of the opening.


To Do #2: Take the EngraVape tool or any blunt ended tool and insert it through the pod opening. Apply just enough pressure until the inner part (battery) begins to slide out while pushing the LED past the metal opening.


The image below shows the blunt-ended EngraVape tool being used to push the insides of the JUUL device down through the opening.

2) Push the internal part (battery) so that it begins to slide out from the bottom of the JUUL Device

You should have no problem pushing out the battery out of the JUUL device once the LED plastic has passed the metal opening.


To Do: Now that the innards are visible enough to grab, pull the battery all the way out.


3) Carefully remove the rubber seal.

The rubber seal that is located near the top of your JUUL device comes off easily. Be careful while removing it off as this piece is fragile and can sometimes be pulled out of place. If that happens, simply press the circular part into its hole and position the top bit over the pinks.

4.) Your JUUL Vaporizers' battery is now ready for a new outfit

Now that you’re happy with your new shell, let’s reassemble your JUUL Vape and vape on.

How To Put Your JUUL Device Back Together

1) Double check which side the LED light is on the JUUL battery

2) Insert the battery from the bottom (charing port side) - up (pod side).

3)Insert your favorite pod and enjoy!


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